The Scourge of #FakeNews


If anyone actually follows this blog (which I doubt) you’ll soon realize that I blog very sporadically. I can go months – maybe even a year without adding a new article. The reason is quite simple. We are so saturated with news and discussion about the current state of our world that saying anything is pretty much an exercise in redundancy.

So why say anything at all? Well quite simply, I created this blog as a means to vent when the volume to noise ratio becomes so high that I simply need a place to articulate my frustration. Once that’s done I can go about researching my family history (I’m a genealogy addict) or enjoy the calm and serenity of my backyard koi pond.

This latest entry was generated in response to a spate of recent fake news stories that came across my Twitter feed. Admittedly, much of what Mainstream Media (MSM) considers news is at best mere propaganda and at worst incentive to violence; the erosion of decency, and a herald to the end of western civilization as we have known it.

And no, I do not believe I am overstating my case.

Full disclosure, I no longer watch MSM broadcasts. I cut my cable months ago; so my only exposure to MSM is when a conservative pundit brings the latest outrage propagated by the broadcasting Left to my attention.

So what have we got? Well, folks simply a few screen captures from various “tweets” that collectively add up to a frank reminder that MSM is Fake News. So without further preamble….


 Above, CNN’s WH correspondent Jim Acosta gets caught out promoting #fakenews stating President Trump did not visit wounded senator, Steve Scalise as he claimed. Acosta tweeted that his source was a WH official but, twitter member, Jeff Dobbs sets the record straight. Acosta had allegedly gotten the statement from another reporter!? Maybe he did? Maybe he didn’t? That’s the problem with fake news… once the pattern of deceit is established there is no way you can trust anything they say.


So CNN doesn’t feel left out, here’s a tweet exposing MSNBC conducting a “random” woman on the street interview. But as Twitter member, The Trump Train reveals – the random woman is in fact former president Obama’s Campaign Director! Can you say #Fakenews? I knew you could.

It goes on and on… following yet another bunch of Islamic Jihadi inspired murders in London, CNN reporter, Becky Anderson and her production team were caught “staging” a support demonstration by concerned Muslims over the murders. My favourite moment captured from the footage is when a couple of her production people were helping the Muslims get framed for the segment. “A little more to your left ladies”  I’d be ROTFLOL if it wasn’t so pathetic and dangerous.


Seriously, I could go on forever with these stories. The MSM no longer reports news now they editorialize and spin everything. They could make Joseph Goebbels blush like a schoolgirl with the propaganda that has replaced traditional reporting.

I’ll leave off with one more example. This one is so poorly executed it should accompany the definition of “pathetic” in any illustrated dictionary . It is so lame and insipid I can’t believe they even attempted to spin it. It comes courtesy of a local provincial broadcaster.


I leave it to the reader to draw your own conclusions. Suffice to say after seeing the horror that transpired here I was expecting to see the Parliament buildings lit up in rainbow colours.   #teenagers



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