Conservative Social Media Alternatives

With Apologies to World War II’s Nazi Party

With social media giants such as You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter becoming increasingly censorious, antagonistic, and dictatorial towards conservatives I have begun looking for alternatives to the status quo. It is early days and the few alternatives I have found so far are pale imitations of their established counter-parts. Nonetheless, here are three options I have stumbled upon so far. For interest’s sake each platform will feature an example of a victim’s experience with the status-quo’s strong-arm tactics.


As the name suggests this is a USA-centric alternative to Facebook. It is also, perhaps, the hardest sell of the alternative sites. We all have friends and family with vastly differing political opinions. It is a legitimate concern that users of an overtly “conservative” social media platform may be limiting their social impact by preaching to the choir so-to-speak.

You’ll have to invite your conservative thinking friends over or else the site takes on the appearance of a political BBS more than anything remotely resembling Facebook. Still, the fact that I as a Canadian have registered may signal the advent of a more international reach for the fledgling service as other folks from various corners of the world sign on.


Facebook Temporarily Suspends Account Over Hillary Satire Piece



An alternative to the powerhouse known as You Tube. Popmodal suffers alongside the other conservative platforms listed here by virtue of its relatively late appearance on the Internet and its lack of content.

Still, I looked up “The Beatles” my favourite group and at least some of their stuff was available. Obviously, it will take time to build up content but I am hoping as the Left continues its relentless pressuring of conservatives more people will sign on. Personally, I think it’s inevitable.

Besides, You Tube is really laying the figurative Jackboots down and have established a new program called “You Tube Heroes”. It works along the same-lines of World War 2’s “Hitler Youth”. The “heroes” are encouraged to seek out and report/snitch on community standards abuses. Of course, all this follows on the heels of the advent of the “Social Justice Warrior” phenomena.  To see how this all fleshes out check out the video below.





Twitter has become increasingly unfriendly to conservatives with contradictions, uneven applications of policy and one notable hi-profile ban in the person of Milo Yiannopoulos. To borrow a phrase from the political left, Twitter is far from being a “safe space” for conservative voices.

Gab is the technological brainchild of Andrew Torba a young entrepreneur who has been overtly welcoming of conservatives to his new social media platform. As far as I am aware, GAB is still in Beta testing. However, once it is ready for prime-time I’ll be sure to hop on board.

Below is a link to an article heralding GAB’s genesis and touching upon Twitter’s banning of Milo Yiannopoulos.



To a very large extent the fact that conservative alternatives to the increasingly hostile icons of social media (pardon the pun) are becoming a perceived necessity is a sad commentary on our political climate. The Left are constantly heralding the virtues of tolerance and diversity. And yet it is they that are initiating so many draconian measures from so many social corners; Measures that are anything but tolerant of any discordant note enunciated by the political Right.


One thought on “Conservative Social Media Alternatives

  1. Thank you for this information. I no longer use google as a search engine. My new engine-of-choice is duckduckgo. Google eliminated a website I like, Natural News, because they published non-defamatory articles about Trump and exposed corruption in major pharmaceutical companies. This shows they are untrustworthy, so why use their engine which is programmed to mislead the user?


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